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Australia Audio Cassette Duplication

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Who are we?

Dupeshop.com.au is the brainchild of two Melbourne cassette enthusiasts collaborating with one of the industry's longest-standing and most trusted specialists; Analogue Media Technologies

Working with the widest selection of audio cassettes in the world, we do real-time and high-speed cassette duplication at our Canadian headquarters and expedite deliveries across the globe. We can also offer quick turnaround on CD & DVD duplication; as well as lathe cut vinyl record services. All the cases/labels/accessories you could think of are also available here; transforming your audio-files to a store/merch-table-ready product through one easy service.

As musicians ourselves, it is our primary mission to provide products and services that we ourselves would use, with no compromises. We understand the attention-to-detail and extra magic that needs to go into a physical release to make it special. If you dream it, let us know and we can try to make it happen.

Sounds good, where do I start?

Do not hesitate to contact us for a duplication quote, or any other query you may have. The online store also offers a range of our blank tapes, labels, cases and any other tape-related thing you can think of. If you have something in mind and can't find it- again, drop us a line, and we are here to help.

We offer duplication packages ranging from low volume demos to international distribution deals in fully inclusive packages.

How much is cassette tape duplication?

Pricing varies depending on the length of audio and quantity of tapes, as well as inclusions such as labels, pad-printing, J-cards, stickers, shrink wrapping, OBI strips and mastering services.

As a rough guide, depending on QTY and inclusions, tapes will usually range from $3 to $6 per tape. Contact us for an exact quote.

The difference between real-time and high-speed duplication can be found here.

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