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Blank High Bias Tapes

Blank Chrome High Bias Cassette Tapes

We also offer audio cassette duplication. Contact us for a quote.

This tape features flat 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, low noise, and good output levels. Note that your tape recorder must have a Type II record bias option to utilise these tapes properly, otherwise you must choose special Type II cassette shells to ensure you record with the proper EQ curve on this type of tape. If this does not suit you, see our normal bias cassettes for music-grade tapes that will work in standard recorders.

We custom-make these tapes to your specifications in length and shell colour.

When calculating your required tape length, we recommend you add 7 to 10 seconds at each end, plus up to 2% in case your machines are off speed. If your program is exactly 30 minutes per side, you could ask us for tapes of 31:00 per side (or C-62s).


Blank High Bias Chrome Tapes In Your Choice Of Length and Colour
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