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Blank Normal Bias Tapes

Blank Normal Bias Cassette Tapes

We also offer audio cassette duplication. Contact us for a quote.

This is the most common type of audio cassette tape. Our tape is Super Ferro Muisc Grade, and should be suitable for most applications.

We custom-make these tapes to your specifications in length and shell colour.

When calculating your required tape length, we recommend you add 7 to 10 seconds at each end, plus up to 2% in case your machines are off speed. If your program is exactly 30 minutes per side, you could ask us for tapes of 31:00 per side (or C-62s).


Brand New & Sealed 60 Minute Fuji Cassettes (Pack of Three)
AUD 9.50
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Blank Normal Bias Tapes In Your Choice Of Length and Colour
AUD 2.75
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Normal Bias Voice Grade C-90 (Box of 50)
AUD 50.00
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